Exam Notice for BCA 2nd , BBM 2nd & BCA 3rd  Semester Students

Dear all,

We hope this notice finds you in good health and high spirit. As we progress through the academic year, it is time for your Mid Term & Pre-board Examination. We would like to provide you with essential details regarding the examination schedule, guidelines, and other important information.

BCA 2nd Semester: Mid Term Examination

 Full Marks:60 Pass Marks:30

4 Ashwin,20807AM-10AMEnglish ll
5 Ashwin,20807AM-10AMMathematics
7 Ashwin,20807AM-10AMC Programming
8 Ashwin,20807AM-10AMFinancial Accounting
9 Ashwin,20807AM-10AMMicroprocessor

BBM 2nd Semester-Pre-board Examination

  Full Marks:100 Pass Marks:50

4 Ashwin,20807AM-10AMOrganizational Behaviour
5 Ashwin,20807AM-10AMMathematics
7 Ashwin,20807AM-10AMAccount
8 Ashwin,20807AM-10AMEconomics
9 Ashwin,20807AM-10AMEnglish

BCA 3rd Semester- Pre-board Examination

Full Marks:60 Pass Marks:30

4 Ashwin,20807AM-10AMProbability & Statistics
5 Ashwin,20807AM-10AMOOP in Java
7 Ashwin,20807AM-10AMData Structure & Algorithm
8 Ashwin,20807AM-10AMSystem Analysis & Design
9 Ashwin,20807AM-10AMWeb Technology


All the concerned faculties are requested to send the question paper (in a proper format) at exam@nacolnist.edu.np within 31st of Bhadra.

  1. All students must report to the examination hall 10 minutes before the scheduled time.
  2. Students are required to carry their admit card .Admit card will be distributed from 28th bhadra .Please collect from account section by clearing your dues (if any).
  3. For any further queries or concerns, feel free to contact the college office.

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