Our Vision

To be an academic leader in discharging deep social responsibility by inspiring individuals to generate knowledge through scholarly creative and innovative endeavors which provides a foundation to address the upcoming problems and challenges faced by human beings.

Our Mission

NIST Higher Education with the motto of Sanskrit “Ashatoma Sadgamaya” has a mission to spread advanced management and technical knowledge to undergraduates and graduates making them capable and responsible citizens.

Our mission followed by set defined objectives could be narrated as:

  • To make the students full aware about the principles of management, medical &food science and IT concept
    To help the students apply the managerial principles and other knowledge acquired in the classroom into practice through real life business and other laboratory case studies, short term field work, market research activities and defined project work.
  • To develop the student’s capability in analyzing critically a given business and management problems through group discussion, brain storming and participation approach.
  • To help demonstrate the proficiency in the skills required for front and middle level managers through application of leadership styles, paper presentation, role playing and research and practical research works.
  • NIST Higher Education fulfills its vision contributing the global society in solving many problems throug
  • Producing managers from BBS, BBM and MBS programs
  • Bringing efficiency in performance Producing IT officers through BCA program
  • Preparing food doctors for ensuring quality of food human being undertake through B.Tech (Food) program.
  • Producing lab technicians and researchers through B. Sc and M.Sc. Microbiology and biotech programs.
  • Producing Pharmacists for best drug production for the human healthcare

Welcome from Founder/Campus Chief
Dr. Madhav Pd. Baral

NIST Higher Education is part of the NIST Foundation. Three colleges – National College (NC), National Model College for Advanced Learning (NMCAL), and National College of Food Science and Technology (NCFST) – offer diverse undergraduate and graduate courses. Founded in 1998 and 2007, these colleges are integral to the NIST Foundation’s mission of establishing a distinguished university specializing in medicine, science and technology, management, humanities (IT). Stemming from a deep sense of responsibility, we actively seek outstanding students nationwide, regardless of their economic background, who exhibit academic determination and potential. 

NIST education exposes you to complex real-world challenges. Our teaching philosophy encourages questioning, confronting obstacles, and seizing opportunities within multicultural teams. Exciting times await, and I’m confident you’re seeking an inspiring environment to pursue your career aspirations within our colleges. By fully embracing opportunities, you’ll not only earn a globally recognized degree but also gain lifelong skills.

I look forward to warmly welcoming you and your parents to our institution.

Warm regards,

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