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Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) Affiliated to TU
Eligibility for Admission

Eligibility for Admission

The Candidate applying for BBM Program must have : 
• Successfully completed a twelve-year schooling or equivalent from any University, Board or Institution recognized by Tribhuvan University.
• Secured a minimum of second division (45%) or minimum D+ grade in all subjects in the twelve-year schooling or equivalent


National college has a policy to provide a special scholarship to the students passing out from the education institution governed by NIST.
• Waive off to 4 persons as per T.U policy.
• 100% tuition fee waiver to the semester-end topper.
• 50% tuition fee waiver to the semester-end 2nd topper.


Towards the end of the program, the students will join either 8 week’s internship programmewith a view to impart practical knowledge or involve in specific project work. Student must prepare, submit and present the individual internship/project report in the prescribed format. The internship/project report will have a weight of 6 credit hours.

Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)

Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) offered by National College is a four year (eight semesters) course that is designed to give rise to future professionals rather than mere ‘degree holders’. The program is designed with the objective of producing business executives, managers and entrepreneur with a blend of theory and practical expertise which helps students in taking up challenging tasks in the industry and their own ventures. Besides,this degree is to provide student the skills necessary to perform leadership roles in business and corporate world.   The course also equips graduates with required skill sets such as analytical, decision-making, technical, interpersonal and technological skills. The course is designed to develop a holistic personality in graduates thus enabling them to succeed as professionals. The program enables them to pursue higher studies as well.


The main goal or aim of this course is to make the student competent to take major managerial decisions and manage the administration of a company on managerial level. It helps to develop skills required to deal with personnel and clients. Some of the specializations of BBM are Finance, Operations Management, and Management Information Systems and so on.


Semester I: 15 Credit Hours

1. ECO 211: Introductory Microeconomics

2. ENG 211: English I

3. MGT 201: Principles of Management

4. MTH 211: Business Mathematics I

5. SOC 201: Sociology for Business

Semester II: 15 Credit Hours

1. ACC 201: Financial Accounting

2. ECO 212: Introductory Macroeconomics

3. ENG 212: English II

4. MTH 212: Business Mathematics II

5. PSY 201: Psychology

Semester III: 15 Credit Hours

1. ACC 211: Computer Based Financial Accounting

2. ENG 213: Business Communications

3. FIN 211: Basic Finance

4. SOC 202: Nepalese Society and Politics

5. STT 211: Business Statistics

Semester IV: 15 Credit Hours

1. ACC 212: Accounting for Decision Making

2. FIN 212: Financial Management

3. MGT 202: Human Resource Management

4. MKT 201: Fundamentals of Marketing

5. RCH 201: Business Research Methods

Semester V: 15 Credit Hours

1. ACC 213: Corporate Taxation in Nepal

2. Focus Area Course I

3. MGT 203: Organizational Behavior

4. MGT 205: Operations Management

5. MGT 214: Legal Environment of Business

Semester VI: 15 Credit Hours

1. Focus Area Course II

2. IT 212: Database Management

3. MGT 206: Business Environment in Nepal

4. MGT 207: International Business

5. MGT 209: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Semester VII: 15 Credit Hours

1. Elective Course I

2. Focus Area Course III

3. Focus Area Course IV

4. IT 211: E-commerce

5. MGT 208: Business Strategy


Semester VIII: 15 Credit Hours

1. Elective Course II

2. Elective Course III

3. Focus Area Course V

4. Project Report Writing Or Internship






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